Sony TA-AX2 amplifier


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Sony TA-AX2

Sony TA-AX2

Sony TA-AX2 amplifier for sale:

1 x TA-AX2 amplifier in silver .

Lovely vintage Sony TA-AX2 amplifier in good working order.  The main control pots in this integrated amplifier have been ‘flushed’ through with contact cleaner to ensure they are free of contaminants and working as they should be.

The button lights have been exchanged from filament bulbs to LEDs to ensure good longevity.

Sony TA-AX2

Sony TA-AX2 button light upgrade to LEDs

The front panel facia is in overall good condition following a deep clean, but a few marks exist to the top edge of the front panel.


As a refurbished unit, some scratches and cosmetic defects will be present on this device from previous use.


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