Welcome to the HiFi Sales.co.uk About page.

HiFi Sales.co.uk is the sales wing of RJP Audio Overhaul Ltd based in Cawston, Norfolk.

Listening to feedback from customers, it was apparent that it was unknown that RJP Audio Overhaul Ltd offered products for sale. That being the case, we have split the two entities.

Here you will find HiFi products from carefully selected manufacturers. These products are split into two categories, either main system units (amplifiers, CD players, turntables etc) or ancillaries (cables, furniture, connectors etc).

HiFi Sales.co.uk also offers carefully selected refurbished products prepared in the the RJP Audio Overhaul Ltd workshop. As part of this, we are always happy to look out for specific items to fit customers’ system requirements.

RJP Audio Overhaul Ltd is also happy to accept customers’ surplus equipment. This can be inspected and listed in the refurbished equipment category for sale here on HiFi Sales.co.uk (subject to conditions).


About to look for something in particular for your system? Drop us a line.

Would like us to list a product on your behalf? Drop us a line.

Manufacturer looking for an extra sales outlet? Drop us a line.

Looking to have a product serviced? Please drop RJP Audio Overhaul Ltd a message via their specific contact page below: