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ZinAmp – Amplifier equipment manufacturer

ZinAmp is a range of exceptionally high fidelity audio amplifiers from the UK. Developed to sound exquisite whether you prefer your sound to come from valves or solid-state.

ZinAmp’s unique Simultaneous Class-A¬†power amplifier is at the heart of the range, providing Class-A sound with the power of Class A/B. This is not another overbiased Class A/B amplifier – this is something else!

The sound is vintage, yet compatible with modern speakers. Very low levels of harmonic distortion are acheived, leaving only the lower 2nd order harmonics i.e. the ones coveted by audio-enthusiasts.

ZinAmp products are supplied on a 2-3 week lead time. This allows for production, shipping to us then delivery to the new owner.

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